Together, let’s improve your building sites efficiency !

From your data, we develop simple and effective solutions that allow you to monitor and increase your profitability.

Increase productivity

Real time monitoring and scheduling of your worksites, coordinate the different teams and deliver efficiently

Control over your data

With our analytical tools set up indicators and alerts to optimise your decision making

Return on investment

Simplify administrative tasks, optimise performance and hit the nail on the head the first time

Wish to make your project reality?

Who are we?

Founded in 2018 by three partners coming from diverse industries ( Manufacturing, Construction and world of digital), Kalitics aims to bring simple and innovative solutions to the construction industry players.

Committed and ambitious we built a company that can manage large project with strong operational constraints.

A guided project

Because it’s easy to develop a solution that doesn’t meet customer needs and then strike them with additional charges.
Because it is easy and convenient to create an unsustainable solution.
This is not our commitment to you !
We wish to accompany you from A to Z and fulfil our responsibilities for the whole duration of this transformation phase.
Guidance and analysis of your needs
Understand your needs in detail in order to design a solution that is simple and adapted.
Bespoke solution
This is when your project comes alive.
So that you co-workers can harness the power of your new tool.
We make sure your software keeps satisfying your needs and remains at the cutting edge.

Ready for your digitalisation ?