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Discover our methods to create your ERP and manage your building sites

Your project under control

We are determined to bring every phase of your digitalisation under control; therefore, we have decided to offer you an A to Z solution.
Thanks to our 2 distinct phases, business need analysis and then development of your application you will be assured to have an ERP (an ERP is a software which allows you to manage the processes of your company) which is in line with your processes and way of working.
We are aware that the development of your application is not enough to use its full capacity therefore we offer customised maintenance solutions.


To facilitate the implementation of your project, we put at your disposal the skills of a large structure; but the flexibility of a company with a human scale.
We make every effort to facilitate feedback and change requests so that your wishes are integrated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

User friendliness

Thanks to our modern approach, we think about user-friendliness in all its dimensions:

- graphics and design by making prototypes. Therefore, the use of our tools is not a constraint but a pleasure.

- The user experience, using cognitive paths, so that each "click" is minimised, optimising the execution time of each task and facilitating the completion of the most tedious actions that are essential to your activity.

- The result and analysis must be easily accessible to every relevant person in your company.

A complete solution

The process of designing your software

Business need analysis

We come to meet you and your partners in order to understand the specific features of your company.

We then write specifications in order to get started with the development phase based on these features.


This is when we work our magic ! We start the digitisation process whilst paying special attention to user-friendliness and user experience.


To ensure your digital transition goes as fast and smoothly as possible we train your users with customised training programs.


In order to stay up to date with changes in your business or regulatory standard we offer scalable maintenance contracts in order to keep improving your software.

Find out about the modules

we have already implemented


Building site monitoring

Digitalise your processes and monitor the progress of your projects in real time.


Planning and time keeping management

Plan and organise your sites to bring all phases of your project under control.


Stock management

Manage the inputs and outputs of your equipment and consumables.


Human resources

Centralise the management of annual leaves, payroll and skills of all your employees in an integrative approach.


Billing and order

Order and invoice your customers and suppliers while allocating revenue and costs to the financial monitoring of your projects.


Management of resources

List all your equipment and be alerted about checks and repairs.

And much more, contact us to know the extent of our skills.